19 June, 2024

Regional Centre

The Regional Centre Kohima in the State of Nagaland was established on the 14th December 2000. As a special measure for the educational development as well as to provide wider network of learner support services to students of the North East Region and Sikkim, six new Regional Centres, in addition to Shillong and Guwahati were established with one in the capital of each state including Kohima Regional Centre.
Regional Centre has sixteen (16) Regular Study Centres and Four (4) Programme Study Centres under its jurisdiction. As of now, 61 (Sixty One) Academic Programmes have been activated. The Regional Centre has total accumulated student strength of 38,485 students registered for various programmes (from the year 2004 till 2021).
Under Kohima Regional Centre 9 (nine) Study Centres has DRS Terminals facility, 6 (six) Study Centres has EDUSAT Terminals facilities and 13 (Thirteen) Examination Centres for Term End Exam. The Regional Centre also has two exam centres for conducting OPENMAT Exams for the Management Programme and Entrance Test for the B.Ed Programme.


Total enrolment in 2001 was 32, which increased to 811 in 2002. The enrolment position over the years has gradually increased and the total enrolment in 2021 is 4679 in 63 Academic programmes with 20 LSCs spread across 11 districts.